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Here’s a list of fun literature-related stuff around the interwebs, or more stuff I just like. For more, see “sites I like”, “writers I like”, or “friends, Romans, countrymen” in the right sidebar of each page. Enjoy!

Alibris – A compendium of thousands of used bookstores across the country. Order discounted rare used books!

Contrariwise – A collection of literature-related tattoos.

Hamlet, as Told on the Street – Originally written for Playboy magazine by Shel Silverstein

Paperback Swap – Trade your gently used books with thousands of others for the price of postage! Tell ’em mizparker sent ya.

Postsecret – Strangers share their secrets via postcard.

Shakespeare Searched – A comprehensive search engine dedicated to the complete works of Shakespeare

ThinkGeek – Fun and nerdy techie gadgets.

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