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This blog is dedicated almost strictly to comprehensive book reviews, with a focus on the books from the list “1,001 Books to Read Before You Die.” I work primarily from the original (2006) edition of the list. although a new “1,001” list comes out every other year. See “the lists” in the above menu for details, and more reader’s lists. About half of my reviews are from the “1,001” list, and the other half are contemporary / popular fiction. Each review contains a brief synopsis with my remarks and feelings, and a “Bother If / Don’t Bother If” notation. Most contain a “fun fact” about the book, author, or context as well. Any reviews featuring a novel not on the 1,001 list are additionally categorized “unBucket Books.” Any posts which are not a book review are in the category “unBucket Posts.”

As of February 25, 2015, I have changed the name of the site from “Bucket List Media” to “Bucket List Book Reviews.” This was in large part because an advertising firm in the Boston area appears to share the name “Bucket List Media”.

As always, I encourage stumblers and sharing of my content through social media, but please do not use excerpts of my work, in part or in full, unless properly credited or given permission by me.

Other Projects:

Live At E’s

I resurrected an old blog of mine, Live at E’s, because while I adore maintaining Bucket List Book Reviews, I wanted to have an outlet for talking about other things as well. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to be funny, sad, uplifting or offensive outside of the ridigity of a themed blog. Many posts have been revived from the dead from my old blog and re-worked a little, but unless explicitly noted, all of the writing, opinions, and content is original and my own. This blog contains foul language and is often deliberately offensive. Much of the time, I am not serious. Turn on your sarcasm detector.

About Miz Parker, a.k.a. E:

Miz Parker is a 35-year old writer, musician, and media junkie who voraciously consumes books, music, movies, and more. She has had articles published on Pointless Banter, Sex Kitten, and Milk and Ink. She is also an occasional contributor to Sweatpants & Coffee, an online lifestyle magazine, and a former music and pop culture contributor to now-defunct VaginaCon.

She currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and pugs Stella and Charlie.

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