Why are you doing this?

I have always been a hoarder of books, music, movies, and other media. Several years ago, I started keeping a notebook of the books I’d read, so I would remember at a glance before I read them or checked them out of the library again. I joined Paperback Swap to help cheaply feed my addiction, and started writing reviews of the books I’d read, many of which were ranked “helpful” or otherwise well-received. I thought tackling the “1,001” lists would be an interesting project, and I hope to inject this blog with some warmth and personality, as well. It’s intended as a place where I can discuss books and other media with my friends and fellow readers. In other words, publicly cater to my OCD.

Have you actually read all of these books?

Yes. Some were long enough ago that I will re-read before I remark.

What qualifies you to review anything?

Nothing, particularly. That's the great thing about opinions. What I am hoping makes me unique is that many of us have been indoctrinated to believe that we, in order to be properly well-read, should feel compelled to read these "classics." The problem is that many of them are long, ancient, boring, dreary, or some combination of the above. I feel no compulsion to like or recommend any of these, and it is my hope that my opinion may serve a purpose in that classic or no, I have no problem saying "Don't bother."

Can I use/republish/quote your reviews?

You may feel free to use excerpts, as long as I am properly credited.

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